About Vanesa Group

Producing more than 6 Million units every month, we are one of the leading aerosol manufacturers in India.

At VANESA, anything & everything we do, there’s one guiding principle, which is of of achieving perfection and excellence. Our products are the culmination of this “can-do” attitude wherein we approach each product so that it offers convenience and creativity.


At Vanesa, are a market-focused organization, with a passion for Innovation and outlook for both forward & backward integrations. We are committed to offer our customers, value addition on each one of our products as well as their product as third party converter.

To be amongst the top five companies in the Personal Care Product Category .

Diversify in OTC Pharma and Cosmetics and grow at CAGR of 30% in terms of topline.

To deliver value and enrich the quality of living globally by integration /innovation in personal care products, pharma and skincare products and follow the core values of integrity.

Our Core philosophy is:




Our business objective is to:

  • Be one of the top players in the Personal Care Product Category by 2020.
  • Hold 15% share in Personal Care Product Category by 2020.
  • Achieve a larger market presence for Denver & Envy Bands by 2020.
  • Turn our OTC business into a substantial contributor by 2020.
  • Achieve a healthy growth and see our profit margins improve substantially

Our 6 pillars are:

Honesty: Truthful at all times.

Integrity: Being of sound moral principle, trustworthy, and sincere.

Empathy: Ability to understand anither person's position.

Work Ethics: Drive and effort to meet and exceed expectations.

Respect: To show consideration or honor for another.

Pride: Sense of self-worth, knowing we make a difference in people's lives.


We walk tall in Deodorant Market

Presently, Vanesa Care shares 5% marketshare of the deodorant market in India and our aim is to achieve 8% share by the end of 2016-17

Vanesa Care Pvt Ltd has launched various products conforming with international standards.The style, taste and demands specific to the Indian consumer are the pointers taken into consideration in the making of a product. The company has launched the brands in the market under the name, Denver (for men), Envy1000 (for men and women) and Vanesa (for women).

  • Group has two established deo brands.
  • Achieved growth of 35%+ YOY.
  • More than 16 products with established brands.
  • Presence in more than 4 lac outlets.
  • Exporting in South Asia & plans are underway to export to European markets.

Our Services

Vanesa Group, which came into existence in 1983, is engaged into manufacturing & trading of Perfumes, Cosmetics, Toiletries, Aerosols & home care products. The group has two arms i.e. Vanesa Cosmetics (manufacturing) and Vanesa Care Pvt. Ltd. (trading /marketing).


VanesaCosmetics, is the manufacturing arm of the organisation. It is located in the foothills of Himachal Pradesh, in the special economic zone developed by the State Government of Himachal Pradesh. Vanesa Cosmetics with its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities & fully automated machineries has manufactured various products under the following categories:

  • PERFUMES : Eau de Toilette, Eau de Parfum, Eau de Cologne, After Shave
  • AEROSOLS : Deodorants, Body Spray, Shaving Foam, Mouth Freshener, Air Fresheners, Industrial Spray, Color Spray.
  • PERSONAL CARE : Moisturizing cream, Fairness Cream, Shaving Cream, Lip Balm, Face Wash, Soaps, Shower & Bath Gel, Lotions, Sunscreen Cream, Foot Care Creams, Talcum Powders, Hand Wash, Hand Sanitizer
  • HAIR CARE : Shampoo, Hair Oils, Hair styling Gels, Hair nourishing creams, Hair Conditioner.
  • HOME CARE : Glass Cleaner, Toilet Cleaner, Jewelry cleaner, Detergent Powder, Dish Bars, Floor Cleaners, Liquid Detergents, Shoe Polish.
  • OTC and Pharmaceuticals : Pain relief Spray, Ointments & Creams

Vanesa care Pvt Ltd., is the front end of the organisation. This is the distribution core, which enables to market the products in various parts of the world.

Currently, Vanesa Care has its foot prints all across the Indian Sub-continent, either directly or in-directly. In the country, the team manages warehousing at 53 different locations across the country, which is feeding into a network of 1500+ distributors.

Our distributors vary from FMCG to Cosmetics to the Pharmaceutical category, in order to provide the right mix of the spectrum.


Our Products


Vanesa Group manufactures and sells wide range of product categories like OTC, Pharma, Deodorants, Perfumes and Toiletries etc


Our Retail Partners


Bharti Walmart


Big Bazaar

Apollo Pharmacy

Vishal Mega Mart

New U

V Mart

Central Police Canteen

Canteen Stores Department



Home Shop 18

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