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One of the most coveted brands, Vanesa perfumes, has been one of the most used fragrances

You will love experiencing our Denver perfumes and their natural goodness. Delight in the elegance of the wild,

Vanesa Group is a fragrance company which provides sustainable and homemade products.

We are leading manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of quality liquid aerosols, and we

About Us

Vanesa is a leading name in manufacturing and supplying aerosols, deodorants, and sprays in many industrial applications. Biodegradable, user & environment-friendly, all our sprays are designed to be custom for easy use. We promote our sprays and aerosols for different applications. With vast expertise in Industry, the reputation we have achieved throughout the years has resulted from our unwavering commitment to hard work to providing complete customer satisfaction with maintaining quality standards in the products.Mission: We are one of the top-class formulators and manufacturers of quality deodorants, sprays, aerosols, and specialty products satisfying the scent-sastional needs of global markets.

We walk tall in Deodorant Market

Presently, Vanesa Care shares 5% marketshare of the deodorant market in India and our aim is to achieve 8% share by the end of 2016-17

Vanesa Care Pvt Ltd has launched various products conforming with international standards.The style, taste and demands specific to the Indian consumer are the pointers taken into consideration in the making of a product. The company has launched the brands in the market under the name, Denver (for men), Envy1000 (for men and women) and Vanesa (for women).


Perfume for your big days

Often, when you come back to your home after a long time away, it smells terrible. 

Understanding the Art of Seduction via Perfumes

or decades, one of the most coveted brands, Vanesa perfumes, 

Perfumes and Vaastu

There’s more to it than just the scent for a great aroma. The thought,


Often, when you come back to your home after a long time away, 

Our Distribution Network

VCPL is known for its widespread and highly penetrated distribution network. Its widely spread distribution thoroughly covers the entire Indian subcontinent and Gulf & South Asian countries. With expertise in Home Care and Personal care, we work with reputed sales and trade channel partners across the territory. We have coverage in all formats of trade i.e. B2B, B2C, D2C etc.

Agile, Precise and Wide-Spread Coverage


Distributors & Channel Partners


Sales & Trade Professionals.(FOS)


Modern Trade & Online Channel Partners.

0.5 Mn+

Presence in General Trade Outlets.