Enjoy luxurious niche perfumes in your life from Vanesa House.

Here, at Vanesa, you will only find beautifully presented and exquisitely finished couture perfume that you can fall in love with.

You will love experiencing our Denver perfumes and their natural goodness. Delight in the elegance of the wild, essential fragrance oils, the Denver range is what your perfume closet is looking for.

The Vanesa Care Pvt Ltd collection products are proudly handmade with love and care for your enjoyment. You can feel the passion and attention to detail in our Denver range that serves men and women. 

As a boutique perfume house, Vanesa develops new perfumes that inspire fragrances’ broader world trends. We lead on the trends frequently picked up by leading Haute fashion houses and many other trendsetters.

Pure Perfumery is in our hearts.

This is why we went back to our traditional roots or ‘full-circle’ and created Denver’s Collection of Perfumery Products. Our new collection of Denver made a mesmerizing collection of fragrances:

  1. using organic or natural fragrance oils, unique perfumery oils, and essential oils.
  2. in eau de parfum, eau de cologne or eau de toilette or 
  3. as perfume sprays or pulse roll-on sprays & parfums

We simply enjoy the blend of unusual perfumery fragrances and ingredients that accords with the character of these natural couture perfumes. Rare spice extracts, beautifully fragrant flower distillates, and herbal infusions take center stage in our creations.