For decades, one of the most coveted brands, Vanesa perfumes, has been one of the most used fragrances by even celebrities and commoners’. The products that the brand Vanesa care comes up with are tailored around the specific tastes and preferences of men. Vanesa perfumes have predominantly woody, floral accents, with lingering effects of musk interspersed by light and airy floral bouquets. The coveted range of Vanesa perfumes is available pan India, both offline and online. We introduce some of the best for your reference to make it easier for you to choose the scent you most identify with and are propelled to buy the Vanesa range of fragrances.

Being among India’s leading perfume contract manufacturers, we offer a wide range of captivating, fragrant, and irresistible perfumes for both men and women. Our remarkable range of Vanesa perfumes is a blessing for people with sensitive skin and is one of the most commonly asked ranges by different brands.

Vanesa women perfumes

The Vanesa range of perfumes is an unconventional and exotic perfume with a signature fragrance. This perfume is preferred by confident, sassy women who are not afraid to flaunt and own their style.

Vanesa men perfumes

Top off your striking looks with Vanesa men’s perfumes which contain the refreshing notes of flower, wood, and amber that will stir your senses. Let these scents engulf your surroundings, keep you fresh all day long, and ignite the desires among people who will only want more of you.

Pocket Perfumes

We are a leading perfume spray manufacturer in India, so we have to provide our customers with the best products and services. Our affordable and easy-to-carry pocket perfumes offer a touch of exoticness anywhere it is used.

Let the celebrations begin with our Vanesa range of perfumes!