There's more to it than just the scent for a great aroma. The thought, the story,and the way it was made make it stand out from other things. A great fragrance starts with its smell and ends with many memories and experiences that make astory come to life, so we think this is true. The heart is the main ingredient in all of the fragrances we make. An "envy perfume" smells good, flirts with your
memories, and finds a place in your heart where it will stay. When you go on this fragrance journey, you can go deeper than the surface of its smell to make up your own story about it.

Vanesa Care is a fragrance company which provides sustainable and homemade products. Each of its fragrance lines is meant to tell a unique story. Our goal is to help people learn more about India through this unique way of telling stories. India can make high-quality fragrances, but it can also make fragrances with heart, depth, and richness. We want to show the world that India can do this. One that can be talked about, told, and shared, not just experienced.

It is in our hearts that pure perfumery is essential to us

Envy perfume has been chosen because it will tell a story that will make the smell of the perfume even better. Envy is a perfume that can be bought at a reasonable price with a level of sophistication that isn't found anywhere else.A group called Vanesa Care combines art, poetry, craftsmanship, and extravagance to make a delicate fragrance that will make your senses happy. Envy wants to be known as the best luxury Indian perfume globally.